Netball Super League 2023 Team Lists & Transfer News

Netball Super League 2023 Team Lists & Transfer News

*Last updated 20th December


Sadly, the 2023 season of the Netball Super League will now be without Wasps Netball, following the Wasps organisation going into administration. That leaves ten teams to do battle. The players who had signed for Wasps can however now be signed on as training partners in other teams and we will update you on that right here as it happens…

Wasps players (new team)
Chloe Essam (Severn Stars)
Rachel Fee (Severn Stars)
Georgia Lees (Saracens Mavericks)
Lauren Nicholls (Loughborough Lightning)
Alex Johnson (Loughborough Lightning)

Ella Powell-Davies has come into the Celtic Dragons team as full time replacement for the injured Leila Thomas.

Josie Huckle has come into the Manchester Thunder team as full time replacement for the injured Yasmin Roebuck.

Here is a look at how the ten teams stack up for 2023…


From Thunderbirds to Thunder, Spar Protea Lenize Potgieter will join Manchester Thunder in 2023. Image: Danny Dalton

Manchester Thunder 

2022 Position: 1st
Coach: Karen Grieg

Taylor McKevitt [WD/C] – Strathclyde Sirens
Lenize Potgieter [GS/GA] – Adelaide Thunderbirds
Elia McCormick [GD/WD] – Injury
Amy Carter [C/WD] – Injury
Amy Clinton [GS/GA] – Leeds Rhinos
Ella Bowen [GD/GK] – Loughborough Lightning
Iona Christian [WA/C] – Wasps

Joyce Mvula [GS] – Central Pulse
Eleanor Cardwell [GS/GA] – Adelaide Thunderbirds
Laura Malcolm [C/WD/WA] – Mainland Tactix
Caroline O’Hanlon [C/WA] – Leeds Rhinos
Millie Sanders [GK/GD] – Leeds Rhinos
Emilia Roscoe [GK/GD] – Leeds Rhinos


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Lenize Potgieter Natalie Metcalf Elia McCormick
Amy Clinton Amy Carter Josie Huckle
Lois Pearson Taylor McKevitt Ella Bowen
Ruby Parker (tp) Iona Christian Kerry Almond
Harriet Jones (tp) Shadine van der Merwe
Yomi Eza-Wilson (tp)

Amy Carter made her debut for the Vitality Roses in the 2019 nations cup and has had a long road back from injury. Image: Ben Lumley

Lightning’s Ella Clark suffered an ACL injury in the 2022 Grand Final    Image: Ben Lumley

Loughborough Lightning

2022 Position: 2nd
Coach: Vic Burgess

Jas Odeogberin [GD/WD] – London Pulse
Rhea Dixon [GA/WA] – Leeds Rhinos

Ella Clark [GA/GS] – injury
Ella Bowen [GD/WD] – Manchester Thunder
Jess Haynes [GK/GD] – Severn Stars


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Mary Cholhok Nat Panagarry Alice Harvey
Rhea Dixon Hannah Joseph Fran Williams
Emma Thacker Beth Cobden Zanele Vimbela
Suzie Liverseidge Hannah Williams Jas Odeogberin
Clara Miles (tp) Bella Baylis (tp) Alex Johnson (tp)
Lauren Nicholls (tp)


Bethan Dyke joins Team Bath from Severn Stars after earning her 50th cap for Wales at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Image: Ben Lumley

Team Bath

2022 Position: 3rd
Coach: Asha Francis

Jayda Pechova [GK/GD] – London Pulse
Annie O’Rourke [GD/WD] – Celtic Dragons
Bethan Dyke [WA/C] – Severn Stars
Phoebe Maslen [WD/C] – elevated
Summer Artman [GK/GD] – Severn Stars
Sophie Kelly [GA/WA] – Surrey Storm
Kadeen Corbin [GA/GS] – Saracens Mavericks
Ali Wilshier [C/WA] – Southern Steel (NZ)
Caroline Mtukule [GK/GD] – Malawi

Anna Stembridge [Coach] – break
Kim Borger [GS/GA] – retired
Rachel Shaw [C/WA] – retired
Layla Guscoth [GD/WD/GK] – Surrey Storm
Phumza Maweni [GK] – South Africa
Sophie Drakeford Lewis [GA/WA] – Surrey Storm.
Jess Shaw [C/WA] – Severn Stars
Tash Pavelin [GK/GD] – injury


Shooters  Midcourt Defence
Hannah Passmore Imogen Allison Summer Artman
Kadeen Corbin Bethan Dyke  Lily-May Catling
Betsy Creak Kirsty Harris Jayda Pechova
Sophie Kelly Phoebe Maslen Caroline Mtukule 
Lily Jones Ali Wilshier Annie O’Rourke 

After playing a role in West Coast Fever’s championship campaign, Chelsea Pitman is a huge signing for London Pulse  Image Clinton Bradbury/Bradbury Photography

London Pulse

2022 Position: 4th
Coach: Sam Bird

Jade Clarke [C/WD] – Leeds Rhinos
Chelsea Pitman [WA/C] – West Coast Fever (Australia)
Darcie Everitt [GK/GD] – Elevated
Freya Henshall [GS/GA] – Elevated
Jade Popoola [WD/GD] – Elevated

Jayda Pechova [GK/GD] – Team Bath
Kira Rothwell [GA/WA] – Saracens Mavericks
Tayla Honey [C/WA] – Return to Australia
Jas Odeogberin [GD/WD] – Loughborough Lightning


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Olivia Tchine Jade Clarke Funmi Fadoju
Berri Neil Chelsea Pitman Zara Everitt
Sacha McDonald Alicia Scholes Halimat Adio
Freya Henshall (tp) Ellie Rattu Lindsay Keable
Ash Dekker Darcie Everitt (tp)
Jade Popoola (tp)


England international Jade Clarke adds a huge amount of experience to the Pulse midcourt   Image: Ben Lumley

Saracens shooter Kadeen Corbin announced she was leaving the franchise after only being offered a contract to play Goal Keeper, which she played occasionally in 2022. Photo: England Netball

Saracens Mavericks

2022 Position: 5th
Coach: Camilla Buchanan

Lisa Mather [WD/C] – Northern Stars (NZ)
Kira Rothwell [GA/WA] – London Pulse
Monique Meyer [GK/GD/WD] – South Africa
Ellie Kelk [GA/GS] – Surrey Storm
Christina Shaw [GK/GD] – Wasps

Kadeen Corbin [GA/GS/GK] – Team Bath
Gabby Marshall [C/WD] – Severn Stars
Georgia Lees [WA]
Chloe Essam [GA]
Kat Ratnapala [Coach] – break


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Ine-Mari Venter Sasha Corbin Razia Quashie
Britney Clarke Beth Ecuyer-Dale Jodie Gibson
Kira Rothwell Lisa Mather Monique Meyer
Ellie Kelk Aliyah Zaranyika Christina Shaw
Pippa Dixon (tp) Eliza Barclay (tp) Odiri Atirene (tp)
Georgia Lees (tp)


Leeds Rhinos

2022 Position: 6th
Coach: Liana Leota

Liana Leota [Coach] – Severn Stars
Nia Jones [WD/GD] – Celtic Dragons
Rosie Harris [C/WD] – break
Caroline O’Hanlon [C/WA] – Manchester Thunder
Millie Sanders [GK/GD] – Manchester Thunder
Paige Reed [GA/GS] – Severn Stars
Ellie Bird [GS] – Mainland Tactix (NZ)
Elle McDonald [WA/C] – Adelaide Thunderbirds (Australia)
Nicola Smith [GD/GK] – South Africa
Elmere van der Berg [GA/GS] – South Africa
Cassie Howard [C/WA] – London Pulse pathway
Emilia Roscoe [GK/GD] – Manchester Thunder

Jade Clarke [C/WD] – London Pulse
Sigi Burger [GS] – Severn Stars
Rhea Dixon [GA/ GS] – Loughborough Lightning
Amy Clinton [GS/GA] – Manchester Thunder
Tuaine Keenan [GK/ GD]
Paige Kindred [GK/WD/GD]
Lydia Walker [C/WD]
Rebekah Airey [GK/GD] – Severn Stars
Amelia Hall [WA/C] – break
Sienna Rushton [GS/GA] – break
Tracey Robinson [Coach] – return to Australia


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Ellie Bird Rosie Harris Vicky Oyesola
Elmere van der Berg Nia Jones Michelle Magee
Paige Reed Caroline O’Hanlon Millie Sanders
Brie Grierson Elle McDonald Nicola Smith
Britt Coleman (tp) Cassie Howard (tp) Emilia Roscoe (tp)


Midcourt legend Caroline O’Hanlon joins Leeds Rhinos for 2023  Image Marcela Massey

Laya Guscoth goes for the fly Image: Clare Green

Team Bath and England Roses defender has been a huge signing for Surrey Storm Image : Clare Green

Surrey Storm

2022 Position: 7th
Coach: Mikki Austin

Layla Guscoth [GD/WD/GK] – Team Bath
Sophie Drakeford-Lewis [GA/WA] – Team Bath
Amy Flanagan [WD/C] – break
Charlotte Dunkley [GA/GS] – elevated
Ellie Gibbons [GA/WA] – Wasps

Sophie Kelly [GA/WA] – Team Bath
Abi Robson [WD/C] – Strathclyde Sirens
Ellie Kelk [GA/GS] – Saracens Mavericks


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Proscovia Peace Mikki Austin Layla Guscoth
Sophie Drakeford-Lewis Yasmin Brookes Felisitus Kwangwa
Frankie Wells Sophia Candappa Leah Middleton
Charlotte Dunkley Niamh Cooper Grace Sullivan
Ellie Gibbons Amy Flanagan


Fellow English Rose Sophie Drakeford-Lewis joins Layla Guscoth at Surrey Storm   Image: England Netball

Sirens captain Gia Abernethy announced her retirement. Image: Jamie Williamson | | @jwilliamsonpix

Strathclyde Sirens

2022 Position: 8th
Coach: Lesley MacDonald

Abi Robson [WD/C] – Surrey Storm
Natalie Bright [GD/WD] – Return from Australia
Stella Oyella [GA/WA] – Uganda

Gia Abernethy [C/WA/WD] – retired
Taylor McKevitt [WD/C] – Manchester Thunder
Sarah MacPhail [GD/WD] – Severn Stars


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Emma Barrie Beth Dix Towera Vinkhumbo
Niamh McCall Abi Robson Emily Nicholl
Bethan Goodwin Kelly Boyle Abby Tyrrell
Stella Oyella Claire Maxwell Natalie Bright
Cerys Cairns (tp) Helen Taylor (tp) Rachel Conway (tp)



Severn Stars

2022 Position: 10th
Coach: Jo Tripp

Jo Tripp [Player-Coach]
Sigi Burger [GS] – Leeds Rhinos
Jess Shaw [C/WA] – Team Bath
Grace Namana [GA/GS] – New Zealand
Sarah MacPhail [GD/WD] – Strathclyde Sirens
Jess Haynes [GK/GD] – Loughborough Lightning
Gabby Marshall [C/WD] – Saracens Mavericks
Rebekah Airey [GK/GD] – Leeds Rhinos
Kelsie Taylor [C/WA] – Loughborough Lightning
Lily Smith [GA/GS] – Wasps pathway
Ruth Hughes [C/WA] – Celtic Dragons pathway
Lottie Robinson [GK/GD] – Wasps pathway
Abi Caple [GA/GS] – Return from Australia

Cat Tuivaiti [GS]
Liana Leota [WA/C] – Leeds Rhinos
Melissa Bessell [Coach] – return to New Zealand
Summer Artman [GK/GD] – Team Bath
Iman Thomas [WD]
Paige Reed [GS/GA] – Leeds Rhinos
Bethan Dyke [WA/C] – Team Bath
Michelle Drayne [C/WA]


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Sigi Burger Jess Shaw Sarah MacPhail
Isabelle Eaton Gabby Marshall Jess Haynes
Lily Smith Kelsie Taylor Lucy Herdman
Grace Namana Ruth Hughes (tp) Rebekah Airey
Abi Caple (tp) Jo Trip
Chloe Essam (tp) Lottie Robinson (tp)
Rachel Fee (tp)


Shaquanda Greene-Noel had us fooled. She’s not going anywhere! Image: Celtic Dragons

Celtic Dragons

2022 Position: 11th
Coach: Danielle Titmuss-Morris

Gabby Sinclair [GA/GS] – Collingwood Magpies
Chelsea Beard (Lewis) [GS/GA] – return
Zoe Matthewman [GA/GS] – elevated
Ella Powell-Davies [GD/GK] – Wasps

Lefebre Rademan [GA/WA] – injured
Nia Jones [WD/GD] – Leeds Rhinos
Katrina Short [GS/GA]
Leila Thomas [GK/GD] – injured


Shooters Midcourt Defence
Georgia Rowe Shona O’Dwyer Shaquanda Greene-Noel
Gabby Sinclair Laura Rudland Annabel Roddy
Chelsea Beard Hannah Leighton Ella Powell-Davies
Zoe Matthewman Clare Jones Ally Housley
Phillipa Yarranton Celyn Emanuel Millie Carter


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