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Dianne Coone
Dianne CooneChairperson
I am not very good at talking about myself, preferring to talk about, write about, argue about and watch netball. Watching birds is nice too, and I cycle as well as enjoying watching bicycle races, but my favourite place is on the water in a kayak. I have had a lot of experience running not for profit associations which seems to be why they asked me to Chair Netball Scoop. I think my role is to say ‘Yes, we can do that, let’s work out how’. I continue to be amazed at the quality of the writing, photography, stats and analysis that this site produces, all by people who are doing it for love, not money.
Jenny Sinclair
Jenny SinclairManaging Editor, Feature / Senior Writer
Physiotherapist, writer and netball enthusiast. Feature articles, editorials and co-author of “Shine: the making of the Australian Netball Diamonds”. Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m privileged to put some of them on paper. Thank you to the phenomenal athletes, coaches and people in the netball world who open a door to their lives, and let me tiptoe in.
Cara Gledhill
Cara GledhillSenior / Feature Writer, Domestic Editor
I have been hooked on netball from a young age and grew up as a Silver Ferns and Pulse fan in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve since moved to Melbourne and am loving the growth of women’s sport over here. I’m passionate about making sport a more inclusive environment for everyone and I will also talk your ear off about cats if given the opportunity.

Lou Patton
Lou PattonSenior Writer
Elite netballer trapped in the body of a very average one.
Alex Blair
Alex BlairSenior Writer, Social Media
Struggling student and netball player. Career highlight: marking Gretel Tippett in a training match. Steel and Silver Ferns fan.
Drew Kennedy
Drew KennedySenior Writer
Former national level men’s netball player and umpire. Some-time medical practitioner, also working on becoming international netball journo-jetsetter.

Jane Edwards
Jane EdwardsSenior Writer
I have over-indulged in playing, supporting, umpiring and coaching excessive amounts of sport, and there’s still nothing better than a good game of netball.

Ian Harkin
Ian HarkinSenior Writer, Moderator, Competitions Manager
Long time member and contributor for Netball Scoop and all its predecessors since getting hooked in the early 2000s.
Marcela Massey
Marcela MasseySenior Photographer
Netball fanatic – Player, Coach, Umpire, Netball Argentina foundation member. Die-hard Swifts fan. Wife to a very supportive and mutually sport-obsessed husband, mother of five. Lifestyle Photography and Design enthusiast. Lover of my faith, sport and literature.
Katrina Nissen
Katrina NissenFeature / Senior Writer, Social Media
Netball loon since discovering it wasn’t as girly a sport as first thought. 20 years on, lives and breathes netball. Can even credit it with introducing me to my husband! Queensland Firebirds fan for life. I have a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing and work as a freelance writer when I am not writing for Scoop.
Simon Leonard
Simon LeonardSenior Photographer, Photography Coordinator
Photographer and occasional writer with Scoop since 2009, despite constantly getting in trouble for putting two spaces after a full-stop… Major highlight was the honour of shooting the 2018 Commonwealth Games for Netball Scoop. Father of four kids including a netball-mad daughter. A full-time Clinical Nurse specialising in Infection Control and Prevention. A committee member of Gold Coast Skeptics. Member of Gold Coast Photographic Society. Aside from that I’m learning guitar too!
Liam Hughes
Liam HughesPhotographer
To me, taking photos isn’t just a career: it’s a creation. A way to capture a moment, that will last forever. 2019 marks my second year photographing Suncorp Super Netball for Scoop. Adelaide Thunderbirds fan.
Rona Hunnisett
Rona HunnisettEngland Correspondent
PR and former netballer (with the damaged ankles to prove it). Netball obsessive, also loves beaches, film, gardening, photography and giggles. Still recovering from the 2018 Commonwealth Games final.
Sue McKay
Sue McKayPhotographer
Award winning accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, specialising in the sports and documentary genres. I write too!
Paula Sale
Paula SaleTreasurer
Long-term Netball Tragic – current and/or former player, coach, umpire, administrator and fan. Firebirds Fanatic and stalker of Netball Legends.
Alexia Mitchell
Alexia MitchellWriter, Social Media
Alexia Mitchell is Sports Journalism student at La Trobe University and joined Netball Scoop in 2015. After watching Laura Geitz play for Australia on TV, Alexia became a Firebirds tragic, but didn’t have many opportunities to watch her beloved team where she grew up in country NSW. Following Year 12 graduation, Alexia spent a gap-year working in agriculture, then decided to study Sports Journalism in Melbourne with the drive to promote women’s sport and netball in particular. Alexia is also a member of Netball Scoop’s social media committee and is the proud brains trust behind many of their memes
Kirsten Daley
Kirsten DaleyPhotographer
I have played netball since I was 8yrs old. I have been lucky enough to play for Victoria in state 17/U, 19/U, 21/U and Open teams. I also played with Melbourne Kestrels from 2001-2004. I have spent the last few years playing in VNL in Division 1 and Championship with Southern Saints. My full time job is working as a Podiatrist but I have always had a passion for photography. I studied for 2 years part time at Photography Studies College in Melbourne. When the opportunity came up to be a photographer for Netball Scoop I jumped at the chance as it was a great way to combine my two passions.
Georgia Musolino
Georgia MusolinoWriter
I’m a final year Journalism and Professional Writing student who takes every opportunity to embrace netball in all aspects of life! I have been playing netball for 13 years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
Bethany Slaughter
Bethany SlaughterWriter, Social Media Manager
To say I’m a netball fan is putting it lightly. Love my Adelaide Thunderbirds as much as I love pulling on the goal attack bib. I have a degree in Creative Writing and Media and Communications, and now work as a writer and editor. Have written articles for Netball Scoop since 2016, and am now managing our NS social media channels.

Aleisha Vicars
Aleisha VicarsPhotographer
A Vixens fan who would love to still be playing competitive netball but my ankles and knees disagree. My other passions are sport, wildlife and landscape photography, travel and stage shows
Amanda Jones
Amanda JonesSecretary
Took up netball as an adult after youngest child born and still going 27 years later, 3 times a week. Hope to be able to play with my grandchildren but they are only one so 15 years to go! Used to support whichever team Nat Avellino played for, and now do the same for Nat Medhurst. If only she had joined Swifts, I would have no conflict.
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