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To overcome the font size I’ve just used the CONTROL KEY with the + key. That helps.

Will love it when Freshness option is back, at the moment I just look at when the last post was posted to work out if I have read all the thread.

Some feedback –
Netty Scoop is one of the web pages that opens automatically when I open my browser.
Now I have to log in every time when I open my computer, which I get in terms of security. BUT my use name and password are filled in so it’s not really working security wise. And then I click log in and it says ‘no, try again’ (or something like that)…and then I hit the ‘try again’ button and I’m then logged in without seeing the screen asking for UserName and Password.

Yes big thanks to Katrina (Helpful Stalwart) for fixing up the log in option so quickly for me (and others obviously).

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by JR.