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    Ah, could finally log in!

    Watching the game, I thought Bassett certainly stepped it up a big notch. Australia actually lost a lot when Watson was in WA; maybe she was tired, I don’t know, but Scherian’s speed was a big win for us.

    I’m glad Langman finally got penalised for that pushing off motion she does. She and L. Watson get away with so much (Watson more so pushing into the player as she drives into them), so it was nice to see it penalised. I can see what Mes was being penalised for, but it was soft. I guess no one else was doing it, so it was obvious.

    Whilst NT is having a whinge about the umpires, I really don’t think it really unfairly went against NZ. In the first quarter, Weston got called for a contact when Langman tunnelled her on the drive, later in the game Tippet got a stepping call which was incorrect, often Bruce was a good 3 feet… I definitely think it went both ways.

    Absolutely perplexing as to why Souness wasn’t used. I definitely think she’s the one who can get away from the Aussie defenders more with her athleticism. Yet perhaps Noels wants a more steady WA, given she has Langman who we know isn’t setting the world alight with her feeds (just with everything else!).

    Such a pity Thwaites didn’t come on well, and Bassett was doing so well before her. I am in the minority, I think, in that I have never thought Thwaites deserves the opportunity over Bassett, but I really wanted to see her out there doing well in her last game. Given she’ll still be playing for Vixens, I have massive concerns over Australia’s shooting stocks… Is it only Bassett as the main GS for a Suncorp team week in, week out? If so, Australia is a bit stuffed.

    Glad with the game. Go Aussies.

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