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    At the Nations Cup LA said that NA had agreed with the players union to give the players (she did not define if this was just the Diamonds squad) a break during the January after NWC and that was the reason they did not participate. She also implied that the Consolation Cup 😉 was a better competition.

    JAM and AUS will be the key to the competition. Will JAM have the finances to continue? and will AUS want to be involved? Personally I don’t see why the Nations cup could not continue with 5 teams. Each team would play an extra game, but technically they should also have an extra break. The team at the bottom of the table would miss out on finals day 🙂

    Do we know if this comp counted toward INF ranking? As discussed AUS could have sent the “A” team, even if you didn’t win it wouldn’t have effected your ranking.

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