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    Interesting discussion

    Gotta say I am quite shocked with Weston being unanimous. I think she has been very average for the majority of the season. Eddy has been far supreme when she has shifted to GD.
    Based on form I would have Jenner at GD.
    As for the rest of my team if it’s based purely on form this season…

    GS Koenan (unless Thwaites makes herself available)
    GA Austin (Wood very close now that she is coming back into form)
    WA Watson
    C JLP (I’m a Vixens fan but just get very frustrated with Moloney’s lack of finesse and confidence on the feed) (Maddy Proud is close for me too)
    WD Eddy (Parmenter for impact to win the ball)
    GD Jenner
    GK Bruce (gets in by a whisker ahead of Mannix as I just feel she has more of a presence on court)

    Bassett (if thwaites isn’t available)
    Moloney/Proud (depending on how the play in finals)

    Weston misses out as Eddy can slide between all 3 defensive positions.

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