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This is a hard decision but I’ll go on what I’ve seen on here and during matches.

Long Squad:
Shooters: Koenen, Bassett, Austin, Wood, Dwan
Midcourters: Watson, Hadley, Price, Moloney, Parmenter
Defenders: Weston, Mannix, Bruce, Klau, Jenner, Eddy

Starting 7:
GS: Koenen
GA: Wood
WA: Watson (C)
C: Price
WD: Moloney
GD: Weston
GK: Bruce (VC)

Bench: Bassett, Austin, Hadley, Jenner, Klau

IMO Watson should be named captain over Bassett. It’s hard to be an effective shooter and captain (not that she’s done a bad job).

Weston hasn’t had a standout season but she’s a cleaner GD than Jenner. If Jenner cleans up her game then she’ll start for sure.

Bruce has earned that starting GK role, Klau has been quiet this season but she still should be in the long squad. But if you want to go off combos then swap them for Mannix.

Wood over Austin for starting GA due to her connections with Koenen, who has played a lot more than Bassett has. If Bassett starts then swap her for Austin.

Price has been the best C this season for Australia tbh (no I don’t like how rough she is). Moloney has been solid however, especially with Watson at WA so if you want to stick to combos then swap Price and Moloney.

I’m an English supporter (I’m from the UK) but the lack of GS options for the Diamonds does concern me. Apart from Bassett and Koenen, there are none really (yes there’s Garbin, Stanton, Glasgow but they need a lot more court time if they’re going to get anywhere near Diamonds).