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    Great game. Ferns surprised me at how well they played. Nweke and Toeva must be a shoe in for the World Cup playing like that if they can keep it up. Wilson will be very much a back up GS from now on in. The Diamonds missed Tippett and Weston big time. Especially Tippett. They need to try Dwyer and Garbin who are less likely to be blocked by Jury due their shooting style and height. I think you still need Wood in there as her long range shooting mixes it up.

    Interesting to reflect on NZ having left the ssn and worries about how they would go. Just shows how crucial it is having a dominant, post up shooter. Which Nweke provides now. The Ferns looked good in all areas of the court. Will be interesting to see if they have the consistency to post good performances throughout this series or whether Taurua is using the series to try out multiple combinations.

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