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    Tegan choked when it mattered most.
    Lisa should have put tippet back on with about 5 mins to go.
    The easy lob pass under pressure can get your out of a jam if need be.

    I would have also bought Bruce back on with 5 to go. She reads the game better than Klau in important times. Klau chases but Bruce reads the play better in key moments.
    But this experience will be great for Klau

    Weston. Her passing is getting worse every year. Massive Achilles her in her game and no sign of it being rectified and it has cost aus a few times now in close games

    I do think Lisa A is getting better at utilizing her team and changes but still a bit to learn there.

    Nz are playing amazing. Wonder what NZ will be like after langman and Maria go. NT def wants the win before her departure. No looking to use her bench or get her team experience in this CC really at all.

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