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    It’s easy to say Australia’s passing is poor but is it or are they lacking in options? Scherian and Watson both had misfeeds but honestly would any of us have made a different passing selection? Australia needs more options to the ball, that draws defenders and leaves someone open or in a stronger position. I think a lot of the plays that are being labelled poor passes were the result of the work ahead of the player as opposed to the player with the ball executing the pass.

    Tippett has been great this series but I only want to see her with Thwaites if she commits to the graft outside and in the circle. Not just charging the post and calling for the ball under the post in the same space as Thwaites (as she does to Bassett). Take a baseline drive, a front cut and draw a defender off the GS so the feeders have two options. If Tippett adjusts and plays like that then Thwaites – Tippett should start in Perth.

    I would like to see Braz – Price – Watson in Perth. With the less experienced feeder in Price in the middle though makes it even more important for the shooters to make sure they are giving the feeders multiple options.

    I’m also sensing that it would be good for Australia to have less changes during g the match. Tippett is on then off then on then off same with Philip. Not sure what that does for confidence or fluidity. Not sure why Bruce was taken off at all. Sure she wasn’t wining the same ball as last game but she was going for it.

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