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    So Noelene, NZ are not a 60 penalty team, does that mean Australia apparently are?

    I’m not saying that the umpires didn’t struggle with the level of the game, the calls against Mes seemed bizarre (haven’t seen the replay to judge properly, but calls against Aussies for stepping and contact were just as bizarre, as well many of the holding (offensive and defensive players alike) calls from the UK umpires were equally bizarre. It wasn’t just the Singaporean umpire who was below par, Stephenson was just as average, the game was super perplexing as a spectator and no doubt difficult for the players to interpret, but the fact that penalties were practically even could indicate there was no bias between teams; there was no ‘scoring end’ as is often said

    But wait – NZ are not a 60 penalty team according to Noelene, so it must have been biased against them.
    I know this opinion will irritate some people but that comment really irked me

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