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    Hi everyone! I remember one of the selectors putting Bruce as GD in her starting 7 which makes her unanimous too right?

    I like the thinking I’ve heard about Noelene Taurua’s Wc team, how she put a string veteran in each third to push the players in the absence of time-outs etc.

    So maybe with that in mind…
    GS: CBass
    GA: Austin
    WA: Watson
    C: JLP
    GD: Weston
    GK: Bruce
    But I do like Bruce in GD with another tall defender like Mannix our back.
    So bench:
    Wood, Koenan (will make some interesting combos), Mannix (proven ball-winner when switched on), Moloney, Simpson (centre court leader) and maybe Jenner.

    Some players listed above who would really benefit From the exposure of this environment with some older, steadier heads. Jenner, Austin etc included

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