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    The Steel let that one slip. Very physical game and although I think the Steel got a couple of harsh calls in the end I don’t think it made a difference. The Pulse just seemed to flick a switch in that last quarter.

    I was about to say that you are incorrect about Saunders and that Lokotui did just fall over on her own but you are 100% correct. I just watched a replay of it and she did give Lokotui a decent shove just before she went down. Not good at all.

    The picking are pretty slim for the Steel with regards to homegrown shooters. Dunn is taken and there isn’t much else to be fair. Jen O’connell would be the only other choice but I don’t think she is playing at all this season. I did however watch her play a game of basketball and I was really impressed with her. She’s actually a lot more athletic than I realised. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets picked up for national league basketball. I do hope she comes back to netball at some stage though.

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