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    Yay! I was absolutely writing off the silver flops today- but I’m so happy for them!! Throughly deserved that win. Nweke will only grow from this. Heffernan totally earned her spot, something that’s been hard to say about their midcourt post Langman. Great game congrats girls. They actually have a chance in the series later this year ? Like England I expect some retirement announcements from some players, so they can leave with their head held high-ish.

    But WOW did England blow this one! Like everyone has said- the attitudes on some of the roses is something. Especially Gusgoth. Really annoying. Like someone said the crowd gaslights them and which leads to this. Lessons learned. Sad for Eboni and Stacey they don’t get to cap their careers on a better note.

    Go JAMAICA ?

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