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    @yoon,@BB & @al_ex you should have some pimms, ice ans a slice with ya nettie, I felt :yahoo: but seriously I agreed with most of the comments.

    Harten hasn’t been moving well all season at SSN and after Fishers display in the NZ series, her position must have been in danger.

    Malcolm, why play her at WA for all those games and not use her when your first choice WA is being marked out of the game??

    In JT defence I don’t think she planned on losing Guthrie. I also think she would have selected Quashie instead of EUB, if not for injury.

    Roll on Uganda. JT needs to blood as many players as possible during this series so she can take them to Aus, if they step up. I’m hoping to see Fran, Quashie (if fit) Fadoju, Fisher, Rattu, Pavelin and Zara. Alice :good: our own Kelly Jury, yep I’d like to see her too. She’s improved so much in just 1 season

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