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    Yeah I don’t really understand the Wilson criticism to be honest. The reason the Ferns lost those games was the collapse of the attacking midcourt under pressure. A lot of poor pass choices, none of which involved Wilson. Dunn’s exclusion from the program has been ridiculous, she should obviously be brought in. The Ferns have been good at turning decent international players into dominant stars (Van Dyk, Burger, Ekenasio etc.) but I do think it’s kind of ironic that everyone is calling for Fisher to change when the whole purpose of the ANZP was to supposedly support homegrown talent.

    NNZ needs their top midcourters to be playing at higher intensity. If that is not SSN, then it means they need to pick a group of the SAME players and give them consistent international minutes. These constant rotations through the midcourt to give everyone a chance just meant that none of the midcourters could deliver 60 minute performances against top teams. It was particularly mind boggling considering that the player who performed best in her small international stints (Toeava) didn’t even get picked.

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