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Physiotherapist, writer and netball enthusiast. Feature articles, editorials and co-author of "Shine: the making of the Australian Netball Diamonds". Everyone has a story to tell, and I'm privileged to put some of them on paper. Thank you to the phenomenal athletes, coaches and people in the netball world who open a door to their lives, and let me tiptoe in.

NS Exclusive: Kelsey Browne – Kind of a Cool Story

Kelsey Browne has experienced it all - premierships, national honours, medals, playing with her sister, injury, depression, club closures and a second chance. As she says, 'It's kind of a cool story!'

NS EXCLUSIVE: Latanya Wilson – finding her voice

Latanya Wilson is finding her voice. It hasn't come easily, as the shy Jamaican – currently rated as the best wing defence in the world – was brought up in a netball environment where players didn’t share their opinions. “The culture at home is quite different, as you don’t want to seem like you are

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NETBALL SCOOP: 10 things we learned from the Australian leg of the 2023 Constellation Cup series.

The first leg of the 2023 Constellation Cup has enthralled, entertained and produced a number of talking points.

NS EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Marinkovich Constellation Cup 2023 Q & A

After their successful 2023 Netball World Cup campaign, the Diamonds are returning to the international arena. National coach Stacey Marinkovich sat down with Netball Scoop ahead of the four test Constellation Cup series, and three matches against South Africa.   Now that some time has passed, how do you reflect on the Netball World Cup?

NS EXCLUSIVE: Rob and Teri Koenen – Diamond daughter

When Cara Koenen stepped out on court against Zimbabwe earlier this week, it was the first time her parents, Teri and Rob, had ever seen her play for Australia. Covid stopped them travelling to her New Zealand matches, and due to work commitments they couldn’t make the trek to Birmingham last year. It was a

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