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    I’m glad Bruce was given the start this game, I’ve consistently been calling her the best GK for Australia despite Klau’s obvious improvement so I’m glad she was able to go out and prove that. I enjoyed the Bruce/Klau combo, and wouldn’t mind seeing them switch positions, but I reckon Bruce in GK is the better option. With Klau out the front, it applies so much pressure (whether or not Klau getting that much ball) which allows Bruce to get a hand to everything, I don’t know whether it would produce the same amount of turnover ball the other way around though.
    I thought Brazill had a much better game this time. I was one of the few people that was sceptical about whether Brazill would fit into the Diamonds, and after the first game, I wasn’t really swayed from that thinking, but in this game she did much better and made life really difficult for Saunders particularly.
    Tippett had a great game, and her connection with CBass is growing, but still looks very clunky. I’m glad Philip had a good game, as she has struggled previously at the international stage. Her combo with CBass was good, and her combo with Tippett was great. I hope we can see some more of the Tippett/Philip combo as well as utilising the Vixens front end combo with maybe JLP or Hadley in C and Weston in WD (with the talls at the back).

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