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    I doubt they will change those rules just based off this tournament. If they get 4th (or lower) at the next world’s then may be.. Sky will have concerns about the ANZP if Ferns were playing overseas, and would probably bargain down on what they will pay for broadcast rights. Sadly, money talks in the real world…

    Losing Nweke threw a spanner in the works. You might say the rest of the team should have been better but let’s be honest, no one was planning for Wilson to be in GS outside of an impact role. The game plans would all have heavily revolved around Nweke.

    I’m surprised Heffernan got midcourter of the tournament. I think her attacking game got exposed a bit. Let’s remember she had something like 10 test caps prior to this tournament. She will grow from this and be amazing in the future.

    The defensive selections really irked me. The Jury-Burger-Watson combo could have worked against England but not Jamaica – Jury showed impact on Fowler in that 3rd place game. And she seems to work best with Karaka. But why wasn’t Burger in at WD??? Heffernan should have played C instead in that game, but Gordon suddenly started…

    Can’t wait for the next episode of inside netball.

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