NS EXCLUSIVE : Gia Abernethy – The “Adopted Scot”

NS EXCLUSIVE : Gia Abernethy – The “Adopted Scot”

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As the 2021 Vitality Netball Superleague season finished – it was a season that saw the highest ever final position for Strathclyde Sirens as they ended in 6th.

It has been another season that saw a continued association between Sirens and their own “Adopted Scot” Gia Abernethy who has been sharing thoughts on the most recent season.

“It was one of the strangest seasons I’ve been in, so of course the end of the season had to be one of the strangest weeks,” Gia explained.

“Obviously, we had to do everything we can and win our last matches, but we also needed other results to fall our way. It sucked and didn’t work out the way we planned it which is disappointing but then again those were the rules that were decided before the league started and everyone was aware of that”

Gia has had a strong season picking up praise and POM performances something that she recognizes due to Sirens increased fan base.

“I think we always knew we were capable of performances like this, especially following on from last year, I know that there was a really, really good feeling within the group for those first three matches and so to get cut short then everyone was severely disappointed that we didn’t have more opportunities to show what we were building over pre-season.“

“The Sirens Tribe have been amazing but everyone can see the skill that we’ve developed and It’s been amazing that all the matches have been live on Sky Sports and Sky’s YouTube. The support has come from everything. Our skill, our hunger to win. Our desire to show the fans what we’re actually capable of and in getting results in momentum obviously helps too.”

Gia added that having the experience of Karen Atkinson, Lesley MacDonald as coaches alongside Claire Maxwell brought so much to Sirens.

“100%. We’re very, very fortunate when you look at our coaching staff and our management to support you throughout the season. Having Claire Maxwell and Karen as midcourt, as well as Tamsin’s involvement we are blessed having their support.”

Gia was keen to highlight some of the growth in players she has seen since she arrived.

“I think the more court time some of the youngsters have had – this experience they get competing against other opposition it’s showing sort of how far they’ve come. Even people like Emily Nicholl, who probably hasn’t had that much court time in the past. Especially this year, you know she’s one of the most consistent players we’ve had in our team, and she does her job every single week.”

“It’s a hard job being on defence because it’s just a lot of tracking and a lot of sort of woman or woman defense that doesn’t get a lot of results but really wears down opponents. So yeah herself and Emma Barrie it’s been lovely to see everyone just grow with the more experienced and match time that they’re getting.”


To hear more from Gia, head to The Netball Show.

During the early rounds of the 2021 VNSL season. Image Ben Lumley, England Netball

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