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      Yes, I couldn’t quite work it out. Agbeze may have made a mistake, but they still won. Be happy (and relieved) that you escaped with the victory.

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        Also feel Parata is not getting the best out of her players or getting buy-in.

        Seems a bit similar to Helene at the Mystics the last few seasons – they almost seem to forget it’s about finding a winning formula.

        Also YMD had Sandra Edge on tactics for a few years and that really helped build confidence. Not sure about Parata’s coaching team, they’re all new at this level.

        I’d make Gordon the starting WA. Even if that means benching Souness – she is a bit error prone.

        See if things flow better that way. Lokotui can take WD.

        Agree with getting Mason on at GD and Jury back to GK.

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          A few ppls at games were shocked at Jane’s aggressive play. Maybe Grace got sick of her arms being held down? Know I would. Jane needs to cut the theatrics too, very unbecoming.

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            @PulseFan, welcome to the forum. Interesting points. I think Gail is doing ok considering she does have Rore and Eke. IMO Dunn never looks like she working hard but that’s just her natural demeanor. I prefer Lokotui at WD, she seems less costly than Gordan. I suppose we’ll see an uplift in the Pulse similar to when TPSR returned for Tactixs.

            I do agreed with your comment about Helene at Mystics. I saw an ANZP preview show with Storm Purvis and she said Mystics had started a fitness regime this year :scratch: similar to DNT and if players failed to meet it they would not start the game! I’m assuming she meant the “not taking the court part” was new as surely they must have had some fitness requirements in place before.

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              I always assumed that the Pulse midcourt this year would be Souness/Gordon/Kersten, which is actually pretty much the positions they grew up playing in. I have no idea why Parada refuses to play Kersten and Gordon the other way around.

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                I do wonder if Parata is running it in line with how they were used with the Ferns?
                I would prefer to see Gordon at C, she looks to caged up in WD.

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                  I don’t like Maddy at WD, she is very late with her contacts. Keep that up and someone will get hurt.

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