Thoughts on a possible Australian team

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      Philip. Hmmmm.

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        But as I said who is playing better?

        A few weeks ago I would have said no chance but you only need to be playing well enough of the available options.

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          For me it’s not even that Philip has been playing poorly, it’s that she’s not an international GS option. If Koenen is injured or has a really off day, are we really going to play a Philip/Wood circle? Garbin’s issue for me is she’s played too much GA, they’re even playing her at GA now when Housby‘s at GS. Her only real crack at GS aside from that match she dominated was with Haythornthwaite at GA.

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            Philip flounders in the big time. Con Cup last year game 3.
            Ferns defenders spook her.

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              My team of 12:
              Austin, Bassett, Koenen, Wood
              Hadley, Price, Proud, Watson
              Bruce, Klau, Mannix, Weston

              My starting seven:
              Hadley just over Proud

              For mine the shooters picked themselves, midcourt was a little trickier to choose but the Swifts pairing provides a lot of quality cover. Defence end was pretty easy because Bruce has shown she’s more than capable of running GD and the other GK options aren’t too shabby..

              In terms of a more detailed breakdown:
              Hadley makes it because of her use in all three midcourt positions. Proud is that trusty back-up in WA and C if needed. Have Price as starting WD but if Weston’s big hands-over is needed there, JLP can move into centre instead.

              Have switched Bruce and Weston from their usual positions. Bruce reminds me of Kopua as she flies bringing the ball down court, and Weston’s at the back because she’s too expensive with the turnovers when she’s trying to do the same.

              Match ups against the Ferns:
              I think no Bruce in the back would work to Wilson’s advantage, and having her run GD for 60 mins on Ekenasio could also play into Ameliaranne’s hands.
              For mine Crampton and JLP are pretty even.
              Who is starting C; I don’t know – the tried and true of Saunders to pair with Crampton, or Poi to steer the ship? Quite nervous there as a Ferns supporter.
              Feels pretty set that Rore would be WD but I worry she would get carved up by Watson (I think all our WDs would to be hinest).
              Keen to see how the new Tactix combo pair against the Aussies esp after their time together in last year’s CC. Tbh I think we’d struggle against the lob to Basset and on the baseline versus Koenen. IMO our room for gains is against a (potentially) proppy Wood or the inexperienced Austin.

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                Yes but McLeod I ask again who is in better form (other than the 3 locks everyone has and assuming both CB and CT are not available)?

                If you are picking based on potential rather than form I’d select Glasgow. She was great in 2019 and would hope that with a full year she would be back to that level in 2021.

                But as I said earlier I Can’t see them Just giving green and gold dresses away.

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                  Yes fair enough. But not even sure the Con Cup will go ahead. So the Diamonds might not even play tis year

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